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About Us

We are the open source version of the media platforms most influential readers gather around whenever they are in need of the most detailed versions of breaking news and events. Started around a proud culture of innovation ourselves, the most innovative stories always find themselves coming from our platform to the rest of the world.

Through dedicating our lives and resourcefulness to creating a unique presence that always draws in visitors as much as it dishes out information, we have managed to stand out and above the rest in as far as followership is concerned.

Being a global service, there are no topics that are a taboo to us and we embrace the mix that brings races and cultures around the common passion of new technology and undeniably viral entertainment.

To the joy of our readers, we have managed to maintain the originality that stems from hard work and principles guiding all our team members when scurrying the world for newsworthy stories as well as ur readers in sharing all with their friends. Sticking to the outsourcing model that is inevitably taking over the media platforms, readers and writers from other platforms have always taken part in sharing our work with the rest of the world freely.