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Purse of the Day: Coca-Cola Can Purse!

Must Have for Collectors...

Coca-Cola Can Purse
The gorgeous Coca-Cola Can Purse, above, is a must have for any purse collector – it’s so unique and unexpected!

Click through for a closer look at this great beauty.

Also See: The Diet Coke Can Purse in a recent post.

More Gorgeous OPI Coca-Cola Nail Polish and Sets

One of Each, Please and Thank You

Coca Cola OPI Nail Polish Set
The OPI Coca-Cola Mini Pack Nail Lacquer, 10 Count (above) would make a gorgeous gift idea for anyone, especially the girl in the mirror.

As far as that goes, every single nail polish in this post would make an ideal gift and delicious addition to any nail polish collection. Click through any for a closer look. Each of these are available on Amazon, which means you still have time to get them in time for Christmas! Amazon has the best quick delivery options online.

See all of the OPI Coca-Cola Nail Polishes on Amazon by clicking the link.

OPI Coca Cola Collection (9)

OPI GelColor Collection: Coca-Cola

OPI Coca Cola Collection (18)

Coca-Cola – OPI GelColor Add On Kit

OPI Coca Cola Nail Polish – Get Cherried Away

OPI Coca Cola Nail Polish – Green On The Runway

OPI Coca Cola Nail Polish Collection – Turn On The Haute Light

OPI Coca-Cola Duo Pack

Zebra Print Apron and Kitchen Gloves You HAVE to See

Add Glam to the Kitchen with Flirty Apron!

Women's Apron KayDee Zebra
Love these! Talk about adding some much needed GLAM to the kitchen. The Women’s Apron KayDee Zebra (above) and the Pink Zebra Glove (pictured below) are from Flirty Aprons (a funner than fun website filled with things that make you glad to be a girl).

The gloves are the only way I know of to add girliness and sex appeal to doing dishes.  Seriously, there is no other way.

Pink Zebra Glove

Glam Gift Ideas for Coca-Cola Lovers!

Sweatshirt, OPI Nail Polish, Purse, Ornament....

Coca-Cola Women's Crew Sweatshirt Large
LOVE the Coca-Cola Women’s Crew Sweatshirt Large shown here. Great vintage feel, cool logo, and shines the spotlight on one of the best things in the world…. Coca Cola!

The leggings they have pictured with it? Eh… I’m not sure abou them. Pretty sure I’d have paired it with black leggings or jeans, but I’m not going to completely knock the brown.

Click through the link or image for a closer look.  You’ll find LOTS of great Coca Cola gifts. Seriously – things you never thought of existing exist.

I’ll link a few that caught my eye below…

Coca-Cola OPI Nail Lacquer - You're So Vain-illa

Coca-Cola OPI Nail Lacquer – You’re So Vain-illa
Coca-Cola OPI Nail Lacquer - A Grape Affair
Coca-Cola OPI Nail Lacquer – A Grape Affair
OPI Nail Lacquer - Coca-Cola Red

OPI Nail Lacquer – Coca-Cola Red
Coca-Cola OPI Nail Lacquer - Green on the Runway
Coca-Cola OPI Nail Lacquer – Green on the Runway
Coca-Cola OPI Nail Lacquer - Orange You Fantastic!
Coca-Cola OPI Nail Lacquer – Orange You Fantastic!
Coca-Cola Diet Coke Can Purse
Coca-Cola Diet Coke Can Purse
Coca-Cola Women's Script V-Neck - Red XL

Coca-Cola Women’s Script V-Neck – Red XL
Coca-Cola Assorted Drinks Pen Set
Coca-Cola Assorted Drinks Pen Set
3.5" Coca-Cola Zero Can Ornament
Coca-Cola Zero Can Ornament
Coca-Cola Women's Yoga Pants Medium

Coca-Cola Women’s Yoga Pants Medium

Coca-Cola Stripe Toe Sock
Coca-Cola Stripe Toe Sock

GORGEOUS: Ted Baker Bow Icon Handbags

Ted Baker black handbag
This is the Ted Baker Embellished Bow Icon Shoulder Bag and I don’t mind telling you I’m completely in love. Everything about this bag is gorgeous and unmistakably glam.

The beauty is available in 4 beautiful colors. Usually I’m able to say which color is my favorite when given choices. At worst, I can get it down to two choices.

Not this time. I honestly don’t know which one I’m craziest about. Each time I think I have it figured out, I look at another one and I’m back to a tie… a four-way tie.

Click through the link above or any of the beauties, themselves, for more information and, don’t look now… but these bags are WAY less expensive than you’d think.

Good thing, too, because it looks like I’m going to need four.

Ted Baker dark blue handbag
Ted Baker light pink handbag
Ted Baker rose gold handbag

Three of the Cutest Christmas Pillows on Amazon

I'll Take One of Each, Thanks....

Christmas Pillow
The adorable Throw Pillows pictured here are available on Amazon. Amazon actually has countless Christmas pillows, Christmas pillow covers, Christmas Candles and  other Christmas Decorations – everything you need to make this your jolliest, most festive Christmas yet.

Click through any of the pictures or links to see them all!

Chirstmas Cookies for Santa Pillow
Christmas Snowman Pillow
Take a closer look at each of these three adorable Christmas pillows by clicking the following link – Throw Pillow Happy Christmas and Good Night Cushion 18″ Decorative Pillow

Aldo Oviglio Top Handle Handbag… Oh So Glam!

Gorgeous Top Handle Handbag (In Cream or Red)

Aldo Oviglio Top Handle Handbag

There’s nothing about this beautiful handbag I don’t love. This is the Aldo Oviglio Top Handle Bag,Cream,One Size (on Amazon) and it is the very essence of glam.

The cream color is my personal favorite, but the red (click through to see the “Oxblood” color) is pretty amazing in its own right.

  • 90% Polyurethane/10% Terylene
  • Imported
  • polyester lining
  • turn-lock closure

Click through the link or image for a closer look. SO Classically beautiful!

See more Handbags on Amzazon!

Leopard Print Makeup Brush Set

Perfect Gift Idea for the Glamorous One in Your Life (Even if She's YOU)

Leopard Print Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brush Sets make PERFECT gift ideas. Makeup brushes are one of those things we all love but seldom buy for ourselves. They just seem like such a luxury, don’t they?

The beautiful FOONEE 8pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set With Bag is available in many colors/styles, including the leopard print shown above.

Pink, also wildly popular and glam, is also available.

Click through for a closer look! If you’re unable to see the Makeup Brush Sets slideshow below on your device, simply click the link.

Cutest Pencil, Pen, or Make-Up Case Of All Time

Too Cute for Their Own Good

Cat Pen Bag or Make-Up Bag
The adorable (make that ADORABLE!) Striped Cat Bag, pictured above, would make a perfect pencil bag, pen bag, cosmetic bag, or anything bag.

Point being it’s too cute not to find something to use it for.

Click through the link or the picture for a closer look. I want one in each color – one for nail polish, one for pens, one for coupons…

Find endless makeup bags on Amazon – every color imaginable. These beauties make great gift ideas!

Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater: For Men, Women, Girls, Boys, Gnomes…

This One's a Winner

Ugly Christmas Sweater
I’m pretty sweet on this Gnome Longsleeve Christmas T-Shirt, so I hate to refer to it as an “Ugly Christmas Sweater,” but… well… let’s be honest..

On second thought, let’s not be honest. The gnome’s too cute to call ugly.

This bright, colorful, and “I-Dare-You-Not-To-Notice-Me” uni-sex sweater is available on Amazon and will make you the talk of any Christmas gathering, whether it calls for “Ugly Christmas sweaters” or not!

Click through for a closer look.  Don’t you love how the cutie in the picture is posing like the gnome on his top???

Photo Credit: Amazon

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